The Vacationer's Guide to the Solar System

Planet of Mystery Productions is proud to announce our first mini-show, The Vacationer's Guide to the Solar System.

This seven minute, forty second program is a great introduction to the planets and other worlds of the solar system.

Presented in a travelogue format, it gives basic facts about the planets in a light, easy to understand manner.

This program was produced using our Program Pack 1: The Planets package. If you purchase the program pack, this program will be included on the media at no extra charge!

Delivery options:

  1. 4K dome masters on a hard drive. Includes promotional materials and more.
  2. 2.5K dome masters on a flash drive. Includes promotional materials and more.
  3. 2.5K MPEG-2 encoded digital download. Includes 5.1 surround or stereo soundtrack as separate files. Compatible with SciDome XD and other systems.
  4. 1.5K AVI encoded digital download with multiplexed soundtrack. Compatible with Super MediaGlobe and other systems.

This low cost program is ten cents per pixel plus the price of media. If you have a 4K system, you pay $400 plus the cost of media and transfer (total $480). If you select one of the digital download options, you don't pay for media. For a 1.5K system, this program can cost as little as $150!

Credit card payments are handled via PayPal.

Download the order form to pay by check.

Price is for a lifetime license to use this program in any dome that belongs to your facility. This is a non-transferable license.

Price includes shipping in the continental US. Other shipping charges will be at cost.