About Planet of Mystery Productions

Planet of Mystery Productions is a private video production company that specializes in productions for planetariums and science centers.

We first started in 2017 but we're no newcomers to the business. Our producer, Jim Craig, has been in the planetarium business since 1988. Within his first year, he was illustrating and narrating planetarium programs. From 1997 to 2017, he worked as a planetarium director where he produced more than a dozen programs on a wide variety of topics.

Jim does the lion's share of the work with writing, illustrating, animating, editing, narrating, etc. However, he's got a team of folks who help when it's needed.

Operating from his home office, it helps us keep production costs down while still providing a professional and polished product to the planetarium community.

Our first production, Red Planet Rising, was an invited submission to the International Fulldome Festival in Brno, Czech Republic.

For folks who are interested in such things, the Planet of Mystery website is all hand-coded HTML/CSS and Javascript with no templates, HTML generators or other trickery.